A poetry circle, an initiative by Visthar Academy of Culture and Contemporary Studies is a gathering of individuals who share a common love and appreciation for poetry. It serves as a platform for poets and poetry enthusiasts to come together, share their original works, and engage in meaningful discussions about the art form. In a poetry circle, participants take turns reciting their poems or reading works from their favorite poets. This intimate and supportive environment encourages creativity, self-expression, and the exploration of different themes and styles. It provides a space for individuals to receive constructive feedback, learn from one another, and grow as poets. Moreover, poetry circles foster a sense of community and camaraderie among participants, as they connect on a deep emotional level through the power of language and imagery.

The importance of a poetry circle lies in its ability to nurture and preserve the art of poetry. It offers a refuge for poets to refine their craft and gain confidence in sharing their creations. By listening to a diverse range of voices and perspectives, poets can expand their horizons, challenge their own writing conventions, and be inspired by the creativity of others. Poetry circles also serve as a means of cultural preservation, providing a platform for sharing and celebrating the unique experiences, traditions, and identities of different communities. Furthermore, poetry itself has the power to evoke emotions, provoke thought, and create social change. Through the collective experience of a poetry circle, participants can harness the transformative power of poetry to explore critical issues, address societal concerns, and foster empathy and understanding among individuals
Coordinator – Neha Ann Jishnu
Email: [email protected]

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