Outreach Program

Our outreach program is in association with Liza’s Home Residents.

We are using art as a tool to engage and give a therapeutic experience to the people of Liza’s home. We are happy to work with them and get closer to possibilities of Expression through Art.

Liza’s Home was started in the late 1980’s by Dr. Molly Abraham, the mother of Liza, was diagnosed with meningitis in her early infancy which left her brain-injured. Liza’s Home is a care facility for children and women with disabilities located in Bangalore, India. At present, there are about 23 women who live at the Home who come from challenging socio-economic backgrounds. Liza’s Home is a registered charitable trust dedicated towards sustaining community-based care and upholding the rights of disabled women, and is supported by individual donors and independent well-wishers.

We invite artists, art students or anyone with an interest in art to volunteer in our outreach program.

You can write to us: [email protected]